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Glass Whiteboard Installation Guides

Find your guide for a successful installation.

Need Help Installing Your Glass Whiteboard?

At Quartet, we make glass dry-erase board installation simple. All of our glass whiteboards come with a hardware kit and an instruction sheet to help you get started with the hanging process. You’ll need to supply a few common household tools, such as a screwdriver or drill, but all of the screws, anchors and washers will be supplied for you. Simply unpack your board, organize your tools and you’re ready for installation.

Here, you'll find helpful tips, extra copies of your installation instructions and detailed mounting directions for our most popular glass dry-erase boards. The sooner you set up your marker board, the sooner you can start exploring new ideas!

Detailed Hanging Instructions For Our Most Popular Glass Whiteboards

Infinity Glass Dry-Erase Board Installation

Wall Mounted Infinity Glass Whiteboard

Infinity Boards have metal standoff posts in each corner for a sleek finish. Locate the item number on the back of your board to find your detailed hanging instructions.

InvisaMount Glass Dry-Erase Board Installation

InvisaMount Glass Whiteboard Mounting Instructions

InvisaMount Boards have hidden mounting hardware and appear to float on the wall. For detailed mounting instructions, find the unique SKU on the back of your board.

Lost Your Mounting Instructions? No Problem!

Locate the item number on the back of your board and find your installation guide from the chart below.


Glass Dry-Erase Board Installation Guides

Brilliance Glass

Infinity Custom Boards

Horizon Boards

Evoque Boards

Element Boards

Desktop Glass



 G3922HT G3922BA  G5028E GDP186
G23624W GI1117  G5028HT G5028BA  G7442E GDE119
G24836W GI1824  G7442HT G7442BA G8548E  GDP1723W




G29648W GI4836        


Whiteboard and Bulletin Board Installation Guides

Replace Your Mounting Hardware

Whether you've lost your wall hanging hardware or are looking to personalize your board, we offer a range of colorful mounting standoffs for our Brilliance and Infinity glass board collections. 

Find Hardware

Personalize your board
Wall Mounted Brilliance Glass Whiteboard

Tips for Mounting Your Glass Whiteboard

  1. Decide where to hang your glass dry-erase board. Note: Some glass whiteboards can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  2. Make sure your hardware kit has all of the included pieces.
  3. Gather all of your tools before you start.
  4. Follow the instructions and reference images for your specific board.

Have More Installation Questions?

If you have questions or would like further assistance, please contact us. We're happy to help get your whiteboard set up in your home or office so you can start communicating!